Angel Wisdom

Angel Wisdom

The angels teach us to find beauty and worth in all our earthly activities.

– Terry Lynn Taylor,

“Angel Days”


Angel Whispers


Have you ever truly heard

An Angel whisper in your ear?

Their voices are soft and comforting

Letting you know you have nothing to fear.

If you listen very carefully

You just might hear their sweet voice

Whispering to you of God’s perfect love

And all things that make you rejoice.

They do their very best

To always watch over you

To keep you safe and happy

In everything you do.

So, next time you feel lonely

Kinda scared and feeling blue

Just whisper to your Angel…

… And listen …

For they’ll whisper back to you.

~ And You’ll Feel Their Love ~

~ AngelWinks~


One response to “Angel Wisdom

  1. MM! I love the info you have here!! my name is Nick Nash and I came by to let you know I have added you to my blogroll. My blog is called “The Raziel Remnants” and I am a born-again pagan. If you would prefer that I remove your link, please let me know. Blessed Be! R&N

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