Think Of These Things

Think Of These Things


To all appearances, deer have springs in their feet, the wind is made of smoke and mist, the flower covered -hillside is a handicapped quilt and the sun throws shadows of 100 foot trees. Illusion- Some of it is real, some is mystery-u s qua ni go di.

It is illusion, it is still part of the beauty of anything. Shadows and subtle movements, color and striking contrasts- these are given to us for subtle enjoyment. It tells us to enjoy but to keep a clear head. Know the gentle differences, but use wisdom in making firm choices. We can see nothing good or everything beautiful. It is our choice.

Wakan-tanka ( great spirit) teaches the birds to make nests, yet the nest of all birds are not alike. Wakan-tanka give them merely the outline

~Okute~ Teton Sioux

Author: Joyce Sequichie Hifle


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