Think Of These Things

Think Of These Things

Gentleness has amazing strength. Where some will dominate others are sweet and compassionate and this gives us HOPE! A gentle person is like cool clear water on a hot day- a refreshing change from hostile attitudes of apathy. How many time we met someone we wanted to admire but couldn’t! They would not trust us to see beyond their protective walls. Caring and friendship was bitterly needed but somehow ignored. To understand these things makes us gentle. It give us the touch we need with every age. Young and old yearn to hear a voice tell them they are so important, so loved, that nothing can make us turn from them. A gentle word is warm sunshine to every heart. A touch that is never forgotten. Truly there is a pleasant sky above our heads this day. There is not a cloud to darken it. I hear nothing but pleasant words.

~ Mongazid~

Author: Joyce Sequichie Hifler


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