Today’s Positive Thought-Affirmation and Visualization

You have and are already creating your reality and as you continue to grow and blossom through time your reality can change if you will it to be so and will it to be true.

Today’s Positive Thought

Creating a new reality is easy. See it. Think it.
Feel it. Believe it.

Today’s Positive Affirmation

Today, I choose to focus the power of my thoughts,
imagination, feeling, and beliefs ONLY on those
things I desire to create, refusing to add any more
energy to the old patterns I wish to dissolve.

Today’s Positive Visualization

I take an even breath and allow myself to experience
the Divine Spirit that dwells within me. I celebrate
the gift of creation as I connect to the unlimited
blessings God/ess has in store for me. I affirm the power
of my consciousness and my right to choose the realities
I experience. With determination, I focus my attention
on those things that I want to experience and away from
those things that no longer serve me. I remind myself
that I and I alone choose my thoughts, words, feelings,
visions, and actions. For a few moments I imagine the
life I desire. In my mind’s eye, I see myself experiencing
the health, prosperity, success, and peace I want. I
combine these images with joy and let them go in spirits hands, knowing
that they will create the good things I am visualizing
and thinking.

Unfortunately, most
people are using the powers of creation to create what
they don’t want instead of what they do want! Creation is
your divine birthright and you can obtain your goals, needs, desires and new realities. Think it , create, it, desire it, feel it, visualize it and affirm it. Make sure your reality is what you really need and want. Use your creation for aspirations and use it  consistently and use it well.


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