Think Of These Things

Have you heard how dreadful the neighbors are these days to ignore another’s plight, and how the world has gone to the dogs because people don’t care? Have
you heard how hardened hearts are and how callous and unfeeling the human race
has become?

It may be true such things do happen….for we hear about it daily. But it
likely is that we hear more about the unusual then the usual.

For have you heard about the builder who laid his own plans aside to help
another build his house….and the lady who gave her home and nursing care to
someone who had no other place to go. Or the child who found its needs fulfilled
in the love of a foster mother.

We may ignore, but we can never erase the love of the human race for the human
race. The world may abound with sordid happenings; it may revel in senseless
activities. But called to help, the greater number will respond without thought
of the cost to themselves.

Of these things we hear so little. With these we come in contact every day and
accept it as the normal pattern of life….which it is….for each unthinking,
infantile mine there are two great thoughtful ones. And the second great
Commandment still works its wonders in all our lives.

~by Joyce Sequichie Hifler~


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