The Daily Feast- New Attitudes Bring Growth & Happiness

New life comes in only as we turn loose of the old. There must be a place for
what we want or need. If there is not a place prepared, the new circumstances
flow on by – and we are left with the same things we have always had. If we
think we cannot bear to part with an old way of life, we are not ready to accept anything new.

Instead we can make a personal decision, a firm commitment,
to forget what is behind and push forward to what is ahead.

Our mental and spiritual attitudes make room for new life when we set them in motion with our words. Nothing will overtake us, not love, not prosperity, not peace and joy – until we make a place for them and ask them to come in. Hope, alone, does not do it, but a firm decision for a new life will clear the way.

~ My people, before the white man came you were happy. You had many buffalo to eat and tall grass for your ponies – you could come and go like the wind. ~


‘A Cherokee Feast of Days’, by Joyce Sequichie Hifler

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