The Kiss Of The Great Spirit In Nature

Each Morning when the sun rises, I am inspired by the great spirit’s
kiss of love, life, promise and hope.

In the nice weather I like to stop and listen to nature.
I rise early before going to work, so I can take in nature waking up.
The sun rises, the birds start singing, everything becomes alive in the world.

When it rains, I listen to the gentleness of the water purifying life and replenishing all living things and souls.

When the fall comes, I listen to life preparing for its nap, and preparing for its winter rest.

When it snows I listen to the quietness of the life that sleeps and prepars to rebirth itself when the spring comes.

When the spring comes I listen to nature reborn again and know the promise of life has been fulfilled by the Great Spirit/God/ess.

When Summer comes I listen to  Nature and Animals busy themselves preparing for a new day.The excited chatter of the animals communicating with each other makes me know what a wonderful world that we human live in and have.

If you stop and listen carefully and reflect deeply, “Nature” will reveal its secrets and its peace  to you through all the seasons of the universe.

When the sun rises it is the Great Spirits communication with her/his children, that all is not lost and a new day is the promise and the kiss of life to each and every human and living being on earth. Stop and listen to nature teachings and secrets for all will be revealed to those who listen.

Author ~ Aris-Arnelle Durocher~

© Copyright Truth Is Pagan Media That Bites 2007- 2010


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