Think Of These Things- The Silence Of Human Dignity

Human dignity is that silent something in us that keeps us from falling
below the level where others look down on us to make light of our very
existence. None of us exists who cannot sense to some degree the feeling
that others hold for us. It may create in us a “show them” attitude that
takes us through life more successfully, but it will more likely destroy
our desire to be anything more than what is expected of us.

It is an appalling thing to see others impose their superiority upon the
human dignity of those whose literacy may not be equal to their own.
Only profound ignorance could convince anyone they have the right to see
and idly judge another’s intelligence, or to insult the dignity of any
human being. The little silent people who have not yet discovered within
themselves the abilities they need to lift themselves, still have the
right and dignity of being human. A small amount of respect and
direction might start them on the road to better things, though it might
be all uphill. At least if they know it is all uphill they may work
harder and reach a place where they can look back at those with lofty
ideas about themselves, standing forever stagnant, and feel more
compassion than they could ever have felt.
~ Joyce Sequichie Hifler~

The Silence in Human Dignity has been absent from humankind for centuries. It is time to recapture it and is oneĀ  the missing nurturing components to why there is such dissension and hate in the world and among humans.
Authored by~ Aris~

Today’s Positive Thought-Affirmation & Visualization- Choose Higher Thoughts


You can choose to think higher thoughts.


I choose higher thoughts therefore creating a
better world for myself and others


As I close my eyes I am thankful for my right to
choose my thoughts. Acknowledging the power of my
thoughts in creating the reality I experience, I
consciously choose to think higher thoughts. I
imagine myself remembering to be aware of my thoughts
and easily choosing high thoughts. I see myself
experiencing the benefit of my new higher thoughts.
In my mind’s eye I see myself enjoying love and harmony
in my relationships; health and energy in my physical body;
success and prosperity in my financial and business
affairs; safety and protection everywhere I go; and a deep
sense of peace as I stay consciously connected to the Divine
within me. I combine these images with the feelings of joy
and let them go,knowing that they will create the good
things I am visualizing and thinking.

Thought Of The Day- Negativity Is Lost Opportnunity

Every moment spent in negativity is paid for with something truly priceless.
That something is life. It is completely impossible to ever replace even a
single minute spent on negative thinking. And not only does negative thinking represent lost opportunity, it is also quite destructive in its own right.

In short, negative thinking is an extravagant, wasteful indulgence. It is indeed a hollow luxury that few people, if any, can afford.

The good news is that it is also unnecessary. For even in the most difficult,
seemingly hopeless situations, negative thinking is completely optional. At no
point, under no circumstance, in no situation are you ever required to waste
your life with negative thoughts. You can find a positive approach, a positive
response to any situation, no matter what it may be.

How many minutes, hours or days of your life do you wish to throw away on
negative, defeating thoughts? The price of negativity is way too high, and
thankfully, you don’t need it at all.

~Ralph Marston~

The Day the Whole Wept In Unity-Remembering-9/11 (via Truth Is Pagan Media That Bites)

The Day the Whole Wept In Unity-Remembering-9/11 September 11, 2001 was the day that the whole world was humbled and when the whole world cried and wept together in Unity and Grief. September 11th is a day of remembrance and reverence to all those people who's lives have been taken and lost. Reverence to those that are still fighting for their country. It can be considered a second day of Independence and freedom for America. As well as a union of all those countries globally that support the U … Read More

via Truth Is Pagan Media That Bites