Happy Winter

W I N T E R.

The snow has blanketed the earth and there is such quiet about. As the sun shines, the snow sparkles with such beauty It’s like a thousand diamonds that sparkle when the snow glistens in the sun.

It seems so appropriate that the world should have Winter … to rest. There is so much to prepare for, with Spring just around the corner, and all the activity that Summer brought with it.

Skiing through the woods, I can even smell the freshness of the snow. The silence, as the snow falls , has me engulfed in thought. I see fresh tracks of those wood critters who have been searching for food.

I feel there eyes upon me as I ski pass them, and know their presence. They stay quiet … so as not to disturb the day … and not to be seen. We are as one in the quiet of the woods on a snowy day.

It would be a good place to stop here and rest. The trees are laden with snow … makes me think of snow ghosts, and some branches even have remnants of ice frozen on them.

As the sun shines, the snow begins to melt on the trees and the branches are freed of their burdens of heavy snow. The branches appear to weep with the melting of the ice.

It is not a tear of sadness however that is shed, only an acknowledgment of change and that’s the beauty of the quiet of the wood … it displays itself so well.

To acknowledge the quiet and peace, is to know that I am such a part of this. That is the way of it … I am an integral part of the snow, the sun, the quiet the world and it too is a part of me … that is the way of the circle.

~~Authored B: Cougar Wisdom.~~