Today’s Positive Thought-Affirmation & Visualization

Today’s Positive Reflection

Form the habit of being thankful at all times and you will
be at peace even in the midst of life’s storms!~ Marty Dow~
Being thankful for all things great and small grows your soul into a divine spring of inventive inspirations. You inspire yourself and you inspire others. We exist in the world as beacons that are placed here to help others as they cross our paths in our soul shaking journey. ~ Aris- Arnelle Durocher~

Today’s Positive Thought Affirmation & Visualization

Today’s Positive Thought

 With an attitude of gratitude, life can be simple, easy,
and joyful.

Today’s Positive Affirmation
I have an attitude of gratitude therefore I expect my day
to unfold with simplicity, ease, and joy.

Today’s Positive Visualization

I take an even breath and relax into the presence of my God/ess
that dwells within me. For a moment I experience the ease,
simplicity, and joy this divine connection brings to me. I
allow myself to remember all the wondrous things that God/ess
has done for me and I am filled with thanksgiving. I commit
to living my life with the attitude of gratitude and I expect
to receive the abundance and joy the law of thanksgiving
provides. In my mind’s eye I see myself going through my day
filled with thanksgiving. I combine these images with feelings
of joy and let them go, knowing that they will create the good
things I am visualizing and thinking.

Source: Creative Living