Recognize Your Core Values- Idle No More Warriors

Good Morning Beautiful Peeps, Idle No More Warriors & Supporters. Hope everyone had a good weekend.

Recognize your core values through your deep rooted teachings. In anything we do in life we learn something or teach something to another. Every action word is a demonstration that sets a ripple of lessons though the universe coursing into a growth and maturity that interweaves and helps us realize that we are all related.


Finally people are communicating with each other and we have not only discovered we have similar struggles but we have similar interests and/or the same interests. We know realize that 98-99 percent of us have a genuine goodness in our hearts and souls towards each other. We don’t want to see poverty anywhere in this world. We don’t want to see children and people living in third world living conditions no matter what walk of life those people hail. No matter what their skin. No matter what language they may speak. We want to help them no matter what their straggler. We now know each other and understand each other.

We the people are coming together and we are putting forward a testament, a map a guidance for for this generation and for future generations to come so that all humans may be treated equal, treated with respect, with dignity. We wish and will that all peoples will live well.

Quote by: Aris of Pagan Media Bites.Com

Idle No More Warriors remember to stay peaceful, do not take ignorant baits, do not respond to the hatred of ignorance. Be harmonious when you communicate with others, stay safe and warm and Idle No More. Everyone have a great day.

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