Good Morning World/Family/Friends- Thought Of The Day- Life

Good Morning Family/Friends/World,

What a glorious sun shiny day. The weather is warm with summer greatness. Get out and play in the sun.

~Life is like a game of cards. The hand that is dealt you represents determinism; the way you play it, is free will.~

~Author:Jawaharal Nehru~

Think Of These Things- Thoughts Left Unguarded

Thoughts are things. Left unguarded we expect them to rule us with ruthless persistence. Like attracts like. We are what we think. Emerson believed there was something stronger then any material force.It was his belief that thoughts ruled the world. To think positively is sometimes referred to as refusing to face reality. But who is wise enough to determine what reality is, and who can describe it? The things we see and touch are merely objects made up of tiny particles we can’t see individually. So it is with reality- tiny thought we don’t remember thinking, but the result is obviously positive or negative.

If we think continually of how sick and nervous, how unhappy, and poverty-stricken we ware, then we can expect to be so afflicted. Tiny thoughts produce large results. When we’ve learned to control our circumstances.

Imperfect thoughts, like unsavory characters, can come to anyone’s door, but we don’t have to let them in. Sometimes we have to look beyond present appearances and set the truth of things that any product is only worth as much as the quality of its materials.

We would be wise to put into practice the teachings of Phillipeans 4.8.

“whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is gracious, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things”.

Author: Joyce Sequichie Hifler ~1966~

You Are My Sister – You Are My Brother- I Love You

You are my sister, you are my brother because we were born of the same Great Spirit; conceived from the same mound of Earth – slept quietly together in the cradle of unknowing until He,in His gentleness set us in the midst of humanity.

You are my sister~ You are my brother.

I Love You

You and I are destined companions of the path of life. Together or apart. If the color of my skin is different from yours, it matters not, on the beauty of our souls be kindred.

You are my sister~You are my brother.

I Love You.

I will honor your wisdom and understanding, as you will mine. Together we shall seek the seeds of truth in the distant rooms of the Great Spirit; the reflection of inner knowledge shall wear as beauty upon our faces.

You are my sister~ You are my brother.

I Love You.

I will be human and fall down in rough places, but thy hand is near mine I will reach for it. I shall not be alone, I will embrace you when the rains of sorrow visit you; I will befriend your soul as if it my own.

You are my sister ~ You are my brother .

I Love You.

Authors & Source~ The Echota Cherokee Tribe Of Alabama

Surrender to Being a Comply’Ant Native is not an Option-Our Children’s Lives Depend On it

“Force, no matter how concealed, begets resistance.” Lakota A lesson for us all. Mitakuye Oyasin.

Native America Rises From the Ashes..Like a Call from the Wilderness….

As we are Vastly Becoming a force to beLoved With….

The Silent Gooberment Force Resists…

The Difference With Us, Our Rise, is For the Good of all…

The Other Side is for the Best, of a Few…

But We Must Find Constant Vigilance and Resist the Separation…

That Works Through a Chain of Command of Our Adversary…..

Our Brothers and Sisters Non the Less…

Yet, They are Secondary to the Survival of Our Race…

“Look Forward For Manna, Not Backward For Salt, or You will become Bitter, all Your Own Fault”

For the Native American Church, the Church of Creation, Has Doubled in Size, In a Short Year…

Irreguardless of of the Shadow Goober’Mental Resistance to Our Growing Force…

Being Martin Luther King Day; Today. It is Be’Fitting To Quote Our Brown Skinned Brother;

“We Either Learn to Live Together as Brothers and Sisters; Or Perish Together as Fools”

For We Know that We are Four Directions, Red, White, Yellow, and Black….

Now We are Five; For the Brown is the Fifth Direction And Unity is Our Way, Our Only Way…

Racist is not an Option, either, For Color Blindness is Our Way to Critical Mass…

With the Christ’Mass As Well; For We Will need the Clear Well of Mothers Water…

For That is the Way of Our Ancestors Life, With the Plants, Animals, Stones, and Our Peeps…

As the Dance of the Rattlesnake Takes us to the Transmutation of Poisons….

We must Realize the Healing Ways of Our Ancestors, to the Max, As Written On Beads and Stones…

So Pick Up your Head and Open Your Eye’s To the Oneness We Must Be’Come…..

To Continue into the Ancient Future Without Fear of Death, for We Have Been Re’Born….

And Can Do it Again If the need Be; To Become the Save’Your Of Our Planets Life….

For Our Ancestors Suffering On the Cross is Re’Born In US, “The Seventh Generation”…

We are off ‘The Cross” Re’Birthed To Be the Second Coming With Mary In Our Heart…

For We Do Not Deny Our Woman’s Path is Be’Side Us; Or Even In Front of Us Leading the Way..

To the World Peace and Healing that Our Creator Demands of US, and We Know It….

In Our Hearts, For It is Our Hearts That Are Speaking to Each Other; As One Heart United….

For Our Blessed “Tiny Tots” It is Written “Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings Thou Has Perfected Praise” “All My Sayings Are in the Heart of My Mother” It is the Mother Who Hears the Child……From the Womb….The Womb of Our Creator….Who Made Us and Loves Us….We Must Serve…

Or Take a Dirt (Dust) Nap Together; For then We Certainly Will be One Death, or One Life…Or Both….

But We Have This One Moment, One Day, To Forgive the Past, Stop Speaking of the Past Death….

And Get Our Arses In Gear Together With Creativity In Unification Of the Love Of Spirit Within…


All Rights Reserved;

Author: Jerry Stonehorse Strongheart…”He Who Dreams With the Stones”

It is not Up to me To send this Message To Where it Needs to Go….I will not Open it to the World, It Will be You if it is Worthy….I will only go as Far as Friends of friends.