The Greetings from the Ascended Masters

6ba3429996fd59e8f52c02e2ecf886cf_weGreetings from Ascend Masters- Blessings of Love to you,

The Ascended Masters wish to assist you. As you all know it is only through us all opening our hearts to all on the planet that we will truly create a world based on love. In this many of us have sacred contracts at this time to expand beyond ego and enter a pure state of non duality where we hold no judgment for any other. If you have this soul contract you will be experiencing challenge at this time for you are being asked to hold this for all on the planet at this time. If you wish for assistance with this in any way. There are new assistance programs from the Heavenly realms that have been set up at this time for all who wish to meet these challenges with grace. They are gifts from your Family of Light , the Archangels and Ascended Beings and Source.This assistance is The Chamber of Non-Duality which if you ask to receive the healing from this, all judgments you hold in the moment will release karmically from your being and your consciousness will resolve all energies connected to these judgments. Also there is a Matrix of Ascension that will, if you ask for this …fill your being with the higher ascension frequencies of your being…lifting your vibration out of any resonance that it may not be enjoying. Call for this when you are feeling the effect of others fears, judgments or resolving energies. Also through the Karmic Board there is a new dispensation known as Full Clearing of All Karma that has been or will be….you may ask for this in connection to anything that appears in your life that you feel does not serve you. …The Ascended Beings will then create your energy fields to be cleared in this way. There is so much assistance for us as we move through this great transformation period…to assist all to maintain a high vibrational energy field. If you wish to have your energy field, chakras and central column of Light and Love purified each day…then call to the Ascended Beings for a Cleansing Activation….this will take approximately 15 -20 minutes for them to complete. Maybe while you are in the car driving or in the shower….this will assist you all greatly for very shortly the vibration on the planet will raise much more than it has before.

This is the time many have prophesied as a great karmic clearing for all souls. If you clear your energy body each day you will raise with the vibrational shift that is to begin on November the 11th at 11:11. New mathematical codes activate the matrix of the planet at this time and all on the planet will be asked again to release the old and open to love more deeply to raise their vibration with the planet. The Ascended Masters and Archangels offer full assistance to all who wish for this …to create a graceful move through this period leading up to the Elohim Activation on December 12th, 2001 where the vibration of the new planetary body will be sent into the group consciousness of humanity…activating all of humanity to awaken on a greater level to the love they are.6ba3429996fd59e8f52c02e2ecf886cf_weThe Elohim Gateway is a cosmic portal for many at this time on Earth to planetary ascend. There will be mass ascension , shift in consciousness on the planet at this time. Many who have been clearing much karma that have surrendered consciously their attachment to personality and ego and opened their heart to the Divine in all… will planetary ascend at this time and begin to walk with their connection to their own Christ consciousness at this time. For the many who have already planetary ascended walking on their path of cosmic ascension in divine service for all…and have done the healing and karmic clearing since the Harmonic Convergence….you will have your 12 primary energy bodies of the Earth dimensions sealed so your Christ Consciousness can be held in each moment on your Earth path. There is more detailed information coming over these next three to four weeks. It will emailed to you if you wish this. If you know of others that this information will assist please send this forth to them and ask them to subscribe to the ASCEND mailing list if they wish to receive updates through The ASCEND Foundation. We are a group of 12 divine emissaries that work intimately with The Inner Plane Ascended Masters and The Galactic Federation, The Archangels in divine service for the Divine Plan for Earth. May each of you continue to feel the divine blessing of your own heart as it radiates out the oneness to all. As a beacon of love reminding all who are lost that there is love, peace and it can be found through our one united heart….through The Divine …may we continue to be so blessed !The ASCEND Foundation is a non-profit org based in Australia.
angels_blessingOur mission is to offer education and assistance to all as all shift into the now moment of Love. Our projects presently are networking information from The Ascended Realms and The Creation of group consciousness projects such as Sound and Light Celebrations., The Creation of an Ascension Temple, An interactive sound and light based Internet site based on assisting the alchemical change within the light body and physical body through the ascension process. May life celebrate you as you celebrate life with Source.- the now moment we connect as one in. Much Love and Blessings ofThanks to each one of you, Qala (one of twelve)Author: Charles Donaldson