The Seasonal Moons

Seasonal Moons

lpod-xmas1Each full moon of a month has its own name, these are from a number
of traditions.

January: Winter Moon

This is the first full moon of the calendar year and appears during
the winter time which is a season of desolation. This is a time to
plan for what you want to do for the coming spring. Magic can be
performed so that as spring approaches your goal will come closer to

February: Storm Moon

Also known as the Quickening Moon and is a time to do magic for
fertility and strength. This is a time to do magic to help your
life’s challengers and to cleanse yourself of things you do not
require mentally or emotionally.

March: Chaste Moon

This is a time to mentally prepare yourself for new experiences. It
is also a time to bless any magical herb’s or plants in your garden.
April: Seed Moon

A time of growth and wisdom. This is a good time to plant a magical
garden as this is the time to start to sow the seeds of magic.

May: Hare Moon

Also known as the Planting or Flower Moon and is a time of wisdom,
love and romance. This is the time to plant the seeds that you
empowered. A good time to rekindle a romantic spark in a

June: Lover’s Moon

The Lover’s Moon brings energy for love, marriage and success. If you
have started a new job this is the time to make sure that everything
is running smoothly.


July: Mead Moon

Also known as the Blessing Moon, is a time of health, success,
rebirth and strength and the time of the first harvests. Gather your
magical herb’s from your garden and do some prosperity magic.

August: Barley Moon

This is a time of plenty and marriage. Collect your herb’s from the
garden and store them for the winter. Not forgetting to give an
offering back to the Goddess. It is also a good time to look for
promotion with your workplace.

September: Harvest Moon

A time of protection, abundance and harvesting. This is the time to
do prosperity and nurturing magic.

October: Hunter’s Moon

This is the moon of new goals and protection and a good time for
divination and a time to reflect on the previous year and what you
have accomplished

November: Snow Moon

A time to work with prosperity and the bonds of family and friends
and to use divination to try to find out what is in the near future.

December: Oak Moon

A time of hope and healing and to complete something that you have
worked hard on to make sure that it is complete. Let go of any old
problems and negativity and start anew.

A Blue Moon

A blue Moon is a second moon that appears in the month and is a
special magical moon and appears about every two and a half years.
This is a time to do special magic and to set goals for yourself.
This is a moon of love, goodwill, peace and protection.