The New Moon Report

The New Moon Report


Thursday, March 26, 2009
The Moon is our constantly changing companion. She lifts our tides and lights our nights. She reflects our needs, moods and daily deeds.

StarIQ cofounder Jeff Jawer looks at astrological events for this lunar cycle to describe energy patterns for the month ahead. This is a big picture view of the general cosmic weather that affects us all.

New Moon in Aries
Thursday, March 26, 9:06 am PDT, 12:06 pm EDT

The energetic New Moon in Aries is a shower of sparks spewing new ideas and impulses to launch projects and push life in a fresh direction. This event, though, is a sweet and sour mix with loving Venus conjunct the lunation and shadowy Pluto a tense 90-degree square away. The message is that rewards come from exploiting underused talents and resources and that letting go of objects, activities, values and people that you no longer need is necessary to make room for what you want to come next.

Venus conjunct Sun
Friday, March 27

The love planet’s backward cycle brings it between the Earth and Sun, aligning identity and attraction to heighten our desires. This could signal a return to old sources of pleasure so you can update them to satisfy your present needs. Venus squares Pluto and opposes Saturn on April 3 and 4, intensifying the pressure to transform relationships, reduce expenses or extract something of value from a difficult situation.

Mercury in Taurus
Thursday, April 9, 7:22 am PDT, 10:22 am EDT

Thinking becomes more practical now as ideas come down from the clouds and are simplified for real world application. Conversations focus on facts, providing practical insights, yet imagination may suffer in this pragmatic intellectual environment. Stubborn resistance to new concepts can ground flights of fancy and hinder innovation, suggesting the importance of flexibility to maintain an open mind.

Full Moon in Libra
Thursday, April 9, 7:56 am PDT, 10:56 am EDT
The accommodating Libra Moon’s opposition to the Sun in spontaneous Aries puts relationship issues on the front burner. The question is when to follow your own instincts and when to consider the input of others. The possible polarization of self-interest and socialization is significantly reduced by wise Jupiter’s harmonious trine to the Moon. This combination brings a wider perspective that encompasses individual freedoms and collective needs that can redefine alliances in less confrontational terms.

Venus in Pisces
Saturday, April 11, 5:47 am PDT, 8:47 am EDT

Retrograde Venus slips back into her sensitive sign of exaltation for less than two weeks. It’s a chance to revisit dreams of love and tap into streams of compassion and imagination. There may be some melancholic memories, but it’s really a time to celebrate the present moment by tenderly nurturing your heart’s desires.

Venus Direct
Friday, April 17

The end of the love planet’s six-week retrograde period will allow the wheels of relationship to start moving forward again. It may take a week or two to put recent romantic, social or artistic ideas into action, but once Venus returns to pioneering Aries on April 24 the pace will quicken.

Sun in Taurus
Sunday, April 19, 3:45 pm PDT, 6:45 pm EDT

The Sun brings gentle warmth in Taurus, encouraging languorous moments of relaxation that remind us of how sweet life can be. Yet the Bull is also practical, sharpening awareness of our needs and values and cultivating resources to maximize the chances for material success. The sign’s shadow is a reflexive resistance to change. The application of pressure will only encourage Taurus to hold its ground. A gentler, less direct approach is more effective in working around sticking points than trying to overpower them.

Mars in Aries
Wednesday, April 22, 6:44 am PDT, 9:44 am EDT

Macho Mars is raw, rapid, rebellious and reckless in its fiery home sign. It provides a spark to ignite excitement and initiate new projects. We may be quicker to anger, though, as emotional responses tend to be unfiltered. The desire for intense engagement can trigger erotic impulses and enterprising ventures. Physical activity is a good way to drain off excess energy and channel competitive instincts in a healthy direction.

Venus in Aries
Friday, April 24, 12:18 am PDT, 3:18 am EDT

Venus re-enters Aries after a dizzying retrograde cycle and return visit to dreamy Pisces. Now the wheels of love are ready to roll at high speed, pushed along by an impatient Mars to awaken brave hearts and spur romantic adventures. A taste for new people and experiences creates possibilities for connecting for singles and reminds couples to put more spice into their relationships.

The New Moon in Aries is one of the major launching pads for the astrological year. It’s a time of risk taking and exploration, when looking ahead is more important than standing pat. This lunation is colored by questions of self-worth and fears of economic contraction. However, the bright spirit of Aries is a reminder that we have the power to act positively and bring desirable changes into our lives.

Have a great month!

Author: Jeff Jawer