The Angels Of the Eighteen Mystical Opulences


Angels and the Eighteen Mystical Opulences

angelfootstepswaterOnly in India do we find a large number of people over the millennium who has found Angelic opulences. European cultures seem to have developed with the idea that there is no divine protection, you are on your own and you better become a predator to get the privileges you desire. Every warrior ego thinks it deserves the mystic opulences but in fact is the perfect candidate for being thrown into the lake of fire, full of bereavement and punishment.

It is said that a person who grows up without a coach is at the very least an unfulfilled person. So the first mystical opulence of freeing oneself from hunger and thirst and other bodily fish hooks is dealt with by predatory behavior or the opulence of faith in divinity. The first alternative brings results to the strong as long as their good karma lasts. The second alternative requires patience and renouncement, both of which are opulences of their own. Since we do not understand life’s cycles at all, no matter how much science we have, you must assume that you are incapable of designing the parameters of your life, you must trust in a compassionate mind behind nature, manifesting via the Angels.


Carlos Castaneda mentioned that we can increase our sensory intake through the ethereal body which he called the second attention. This gives the ability to experience events in a direct sensory way that is not in physical range, but ethereal range. This is not the normal human experience for our culture but the ability is there naturallyto have the power to see and hear what is far away, and this is different from entering a persons stream of consciousness. It is a state where both the physical senses and the astral senses are functioning at the same time which is what all of us are supposed to be able to do if it wasn’t for our brainless culture. Being a mall rat does not lead to mystic opulences but to addictive behavior which is synonymous with bondage.

In astral projection one moves at the speed of mind. You can intend to go anywhere by…intending to go there. Awareness is the vehicle of motion for the ethereal body. The true form of Angels is in question but they are known shape shifters. The lion-headed Angel may very well be a lion headed person or could be a soul surrounded by light that can take on any form, who knows? There are rumors of human shape shifters such as the sorcerers of Mexico who can turn into animals like crows and jaguars, supposedly. Assumably it is the Angels bestowing this benediction on our powerless selves.

The people who write of or paint of the activities of Angels and the Demi-gods they interact with are apparently with the mystic opulence of seeing the Angels and Demi-gods and not simply making it all up because it is a cool, marketable idea. Although humanity is obsessed with commerce right now, it seems unlikely that in the ancient world where superstition was powerful that people would have mass marketed phony Angels to a Culture that believed in them. Perhaps the marketability of such images comes from the desire of Angels to be known by humans and the use of an advertising media.

It is clear that Angels can enter our bodies because they often tell us to stop doing things that we love doing that our bodies are actually about to collapse from. People who drink coffee and booze until they become incurably physically sick can hardly be said to be listening to Angels who have gotten inside them, what to say of human Doctors who they wish to avoid. Anything that we don’t feel immediate danger from, we continue until we collapse because we are creatures of habit. Great yogis hold death at bay until they recapitulate their lives and they also hold the force of death at bay through avoidance of death by bad karma and stupid physical habits. That is to say that they have Angelic transcendence of the debilitating habits that most humans use to commit voluntary suicide with such as my paternal grandfather who drank plenty of booze when he had diabetes and died of it. That is a totally irresponsible and punishable and hate filled action on my grandpa’s part, it showed zero benedictions and a future of bereavement and punishment. He was faking the mystic opulence of being able to choose when you die by choosing his death through suicide.


According to the laws of reincarnation, you apparently get turned into a ghost, a soul with an ethereal but no physical body, for the crime of suicide. A person with total control of the opulence of manifesting things and circumstances to aid in life maintenance would be free from the temptation of suicide because there would not be an automatic need to destroy oneself, there would be a tendency to engage in wisdom to the bitter end which sets a great example for those who survive you, unlike my foolish grandpa.

In general, the eight primary opulences are given directly by the Supreme Person, assumably because He/She reserves the right to give away transcendental powers. Angels can be ruled by a persons pious deeds and they could end up obligated to help even a demon who has achieved spiritual development. God is obviously not ruled by such things. An example would be when the demon “vrkasura” achieved the offer from Siva of any benediction he wanted after two weeks of sacrifices. Siva is indeed a manifestation of the Supreme Person and is omnipotent; however, Siva is touched by material nature in order to give him special diplomatic advantages to God. Vrkasura asked for the power to kill anyone he wished by simply touching their heads. After bestowing this power Siva ran to the Vishnuloka to speak directly to God about this terrible criminal who had this terrible power. Fortunately vrkasura possessed the opulence of being able to travel at the speed of mind and followed Siva to Vishnuloka. There vrkasura said that he didn’t trust that rat Siva (his words, not mine) and he wanted proof that the benediction was real. Vishnu said to vrkausra, In order to test my servants integrity I insist that you try out your power. Touch yourself on the head so we can see if Siva has kept his word”. Of course Siva had but vrkasura was acompletely untrusting, cursed demon surviving on past life pious deeds, full of bereavement. So of course he touched himself on the head. The lesson is that the eighteen mystic opulences take a very special person who is certainly one or two incarnations away from being an Angel. Source:Peter Binder