About The Daily Awakening

The Daily Awakening. Com is owned by me Aris-Arnelle Durocher. A site that writes positive inspirational, thoughts, while incorporating to awaken ones soul. You’re alive, now live and live well! Happiness is not always found in money or riches, happiness to me is nourishing ones soul and letting it shine through for all to see. Without ones soul being lit up, then one is merely existing and going through mechanical motions of living. Think about things in terms of spiritual enlightenment. ~ Aris~

I have moved my Daily Awakening Site to this domain. I have also moved my other sites.


I have also imported my articles, comments, etc……….. from my sites .There were some issues with video links, I will replace them with the videos as time permits in the older articles.

Welcome readers to my new site and domain. Namaste!



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