The Negative Voice – Deal With It

There is a particular aspect of the ego, that sometimes gets in the way of connecting with angels. The ego in itself is bad, even though it’s developed and unsavory reputation in spiritual circles. It is the ego that has our best interests at heart: it works to protect us from disappointment and a sense of failure. But if the ego is not nurtured by loving acceptance, the ego will develop a negative edge that reflects feelings of unworthiness and self criticism. We hear our negative voice in our head. It is the part that is self judgment and the verdict even when don’t realize this is Guilty or Not good enough. It compares, scolds, criticizes and holds the impossible standards of perfection. Or it flatters us trying to makes feel better by finding fault with others and blaming them for their natural shortcomings. The best way to deal with our negative voices is to deal with it.

Here is a list of the issues that frequently come up in our negative voices that we hear, and some of the behaviors that comes out of us because of it.

Unworthiness bears the fear of intimacy

Doubt bears the image of abandonment

Fear of disappointment bears the fruit of rejection

Perfectionism bears resentment

Pride bears envy

Inadequacy bears Jealousy

Criticism of ourselves and or others bears Guilt

Anger bears Victimization( this is a big one for most)

Hatred bears Shame

Grief bears Blame

Self Loathing bears Dishonesty( about others or self)

Feelings of alienation bears Denial( nobody understands)

Need to control bears Lack of focus on important aspect in life.

Ambivalence bears procrastination

Indecision bears fatigue( emotional or physical)

Boredom bears depression

Apathy bears greed.

Author(s) : Alma Daniel,  Timothy Wyllie
Source: Ask Your Angels

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