My Path Is Me

My Path Is megoldenheart-flower-1


I don’t follow the Rede. I’m not Wiccan.
I don’t follow the Ten Commandments. I’m not Christian.
I don’t follow the Tao. I’m not Buddhist.
I don’t follow the Rule of Three. I believe it is too lenient.
I don’t follow the Qu’ran. I’m not Muslim.
I don’t follow the teachings of the Native Americans. I’m not one of them either. I don’t follow the Goddess and God. I follow my personal chosen God and Goddess.

I follow the teachings and rules of my heart, for my heart and my ethics are the only ones that apply to me. I am me, plain and simple. No one group, organization, or individual has the truth, for the truth is subjective. I chose to join this list from the Title alone. Not from the description.

The title ” The Daily Awakening” says to me and should say to others that this is a newsletter guide where people of diversity with different insights gather to discuss their interests of like mind. Preferably Spritual, Metaphysical, Pagan topic withen this list’s guidelines will do fine. Magick and spirituality are not limited to any one particular religion, as Magick is the Theory and Practice of shaping and defining the energies that surround us. The deities you call on, the forces you invoke have nothing to do with the basic practice of magick. They are aids to the Work, but the works exists without them. We are the Work and the Work is us.

The Daily Awakening welcomes all people and says to me that members are free to thier opinion without fear of being slammed, flamed, and put down others for their right to beliefs and how they want to determine and find their God/ess.

When we make someone feel uncomfortable because we say that our form of the Work is the “correct” form, or our opinion is the only conclusion and right opinion we are failing in our path and Work but we are also failing as human beings.

When you share your form of the Work and opinions with others, they may see an alternative to their form of the Work or a different opinion. This does not make your form right,nor does it make your form wrong.Your form of the Work is yours and yours alone.

I have seen this too many times on many of the other lists that I subscribe to.


I have seen too many “Fundamentalist” Pagans. I have seen too many “Fundementalist” Christians. I have seen too many “Fundamentalist” Muslims. I have seen too many “Fundamentalists in many religions.

I would ask you all to re-read your posts, before hitting the send button. Re-read them not from your point of view, but from the point of view of an outsider who does not know your form of the Work. Does your post sound preachy or to politically correct or my way is the right way of thinking?

This will hopefully alleviate the need for any others to leave this list because each member wants to to be free to discuss and debate without having to put up with being called names, grand leap of assumptions about thier person, family or character. Members of this forum want to discuss their spiritual journey and reflection and have their opinion and they want to discuss their path’s of spirituality may it be magick, metaphysical tenents, or Christian beliefs ECT…; without fear of retribution, apathy, or being banned from a list for having the nerve to say what they feel about something as simple as why they choose the spiritual path and journey they do!

My path is me, and anybody else’s path is theirs and should never be hindered or trampled on because someone’s else’s beliefs do not fit in with your own. There are many ways to find the Great Spirit, God/ess and many ways to see the Great Spirit. One way or one view is not the only view.