About Me

About Me

Hello All, I follow a path that is eclectic and I take from any spiritual learning, awakening, reflection and/or religion. What appeals to me individuallyand personally. I do not embrace one spiritual viewpoint, I embrace many. My spiritual quest and learning has always evolved to new ideas and thoughts with my personal experience and knowledge of spirit. I consider myself a Pagan and am proud of being able to break with the traditional religious world views and to cater to my own ideologies that brings me closer to my God/ess. I do not necessarily view the Great Spirit as one entity of any gender but choose to see my God/ess as one that will come to humans by any ways and any means.

I choose to believe that I can pray, meditate and appeal to the higher spirit my way. Read the many masks of religion and then learn that meditation and certain powers were always human birthrights, some of us are aspiring to know more about the higher power. God/ess never meant for each of us to think the same, we were given by birthright free will to explore, attune, align to our spiritual quest, thoughts and journey. To become one with God/ess is to think beyond limitations and to aspire towards those spiritual aspirations. If you are not capable of open-mind and prefer not to hear the reasons why others think differently, this is not the newsgroup for you. If you think you would be uncomfortable then it is best that you do not bother to become a member.

I am suggesting that as prophesied that God/ess does not come in any one form but many forms of many colors, ethnicities cultures and religions. If God/ess made man in his/her image then all races and people were made in God/ess image. This permits the human mind the freedom as seeing their God/ess, as they will. I choose to believe Goddess is female and not male. What makes any one person or religion right and others wrong. The bible was man written and the ancient scribes really wrote the sacred texts as their world view of that time and era. Ancient Scribes could not possibly prepare to write for future generations. I believe in a great higher spirit that has created us and this world, I believe that there is a life after life and that our souls do transcend to a world of peace beauty, love, kindness, happiness, and serenity. However, I choose not to believe that my God only comes in a male gender form or in one color or religion.abluecuadromoongoddessavatarabluecuadromoongoddessavatar


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